Great Golfers Who Were Also Known for Other Sports

There are many great golfers today who are known around the world because of their dominance of the game. Their level of play and also their style have been admired and emulated by aspiring young golfers and even those who are already professionals and would like to take their own game to the next level and achieve more success. They are the superstars that carry their sport of golf on their shoulders and provide assurance that the future of the sport is sound and secure.

How about athletes who are have a great golf game and yet are better known for other sports? There are certainly such sports stars and you would most probably be surprised at the names that would be included if a list of those athletes is actually made. So in the following list that actually contains the names of those athletes, you would no doubt find some interesting entries. And at the same time marvel at how they are able to excel in different sports.

Pete Sampras – Regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, few might have thought of Pete Sampras as a very good golfer. With his 14 Grand Slam titles, it is very easy to see why his achievements in other sports could be overlooked. Make no mistake however, that he was also quite good on the greens. And if you really think about it, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise since he’s always been pretty good on grass.

Brett Favre – Brett Favre is actually a pretty good golf. Now this is probably more of a surprise than the one about Pete Sampras, especially when you think about how Favre was not particularly known for being all that accurate when it comes to the football field. His achievements as a football player cannot be questioned though, and his capability in another game such as golf is certainly proof that he is a great athlete.

Brett Hull – Brett Hull is known as one of the greatest hockey players ever, and proof of that is his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame back in 2009. He also had one of the greatest shots ever seen in the NHL, which only made his legend grow even more. When it comes to golf, Hull is definitely very good at it. He is an annual fixture in the American Century Championship, which is the yearly golf tournament for celebrities.

Jerry Rice – Jerry Rice is viewed by many to be among the greatest wide receivers ever to play in the history of the NFL. His acclaim and success in the sport of football was not enough for Rice, however, as he tried competing in golf as well. Although he did not fare as successfully as he had in his first sport, not performing too well in the Nationwide Tour, his exploits as a golfer is still considerable enough to rank him among the best to compete in golf while excelling in another sp

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